Founded in 2017, LittleBytes provides K-12 students with affordable, convenient computer science classes.

Spring 2019 - Python

Dates: March 3rd - April 21st (eight weeks)
Time: Sundays, 7 -8:30 AM PST. Class will be conducted on Skype, through screen sharing.

This course will be an introduction to Python programming and logic. Topics covered include computer science fundamentals, such as loops, conditionals, functions, variables, and objects. Additionally, students will learn several libraries, including Turtle, Pysynth, Requests, Tweepy, Genius, Plotly, and more.

The class will be taught primarily by Prianka Subrahmanyam, who is an undergraduate in UC Berkeley's Electrical Engineering and Computer Science program. She has taught for three years, with Girls Who Code, North South Foundation, Grand Circus Detroit, Juni Learning, and with LittleBytes. Apart from teaching, Prianka was a computational text-analysis researcher at Berkeley's Haas School of Business, and works on the investing team at Contrary Capital.

How do I register for the class?
After your application is approved, payment instructions will be sent over to the e-mail address you provided. The fee is $99 for eight weeks of class, or about $8/hour.

Where is the curriculum coming from?
LittleBytes has run two Python sessions already. Other new material is based on content from CS 10: The Beauty and Joy of Computing, which is a class designed to introduce computer science to college students with no programming experience.

I won't be able to attend every class session. What do I do?
All classes are recorded and materials are posted on the class website the same day.

How old should students be?
We've had third graders and middle schoolers in the same class. All beginners can start at the same level, as long as they have a good grasp on math fundamentals.

Both of my kids want to join. Is there a discount for this?
Yes - two siblings can enroll for a total price of $130 instead of double the normal rate.

I want to intern at LittleBytes!
Let us know! Send a resume to

Frequently Asked Questions

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